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Our Process

Best Nanobrows in Toronto

Permanent Makeup / Tattoo's are typically 2 appointments. The initial appointment takes approximately 2 to 2.5 hours.

The touchup appointment is 30 minutes to 1 hour, depending on the amount of work that is required.


During your appointment you can expect the following:


  • Complete client forms and have all of your questions answered

  • Photo's / video's are taken

  • Clean, prep and pre-draw client's eyebrows / lips /etc 

  • Client is shown the pre-draw for approval

  • Ink is chosen to match eyebrow hair colour / area / lips

  • First strokes are gently placed (5 min per eyebrow) / lips are outlined 

  • Anesthetic is applied

  • Second pass of pigment is worked into the strokes

  • Final cleaning of the area is completed

  • Client see's the final result!

  • Photos and videos are taken of the completed work

  • After the service, you will be provided with an Aftercare Package to use for up to 10 days with instructions

  • Touch-up appointment is booked or client books it themselves at a later time

Semi-Permanent Makeup

Permanent Makeup is ideal for people who wish to improve their appearance without having to apply makeup. Permanent makeup is convenient, saves time and improves self confidence! 


Permanent Makeup is safe and effective for the face, lips and body. It can be used for eyebrow restoration, lipblushing (enhancing colour and shape), scar camouflaging, dark under eye circles concealer, stretch mark concealing, scar concealing and more!  Permanent makeup eliminates the need to apply makeup while enhancing natural beauty. Permanent makeup looks more realistic and natural than makeup.

At Raquel Dasilva Brows | Beauty, a precise and conservative approach is key to providing the most natural results that never look 'overdone'. Raquel is passionate and loves helping her clients look and feel their best by providing the best permanent makeup in Toronto.

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