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Inks and products used for permanent makeup: 

Using highly quality ink(s) is a very important factor in permanent makeup. We only use products that are Health Canada approved and have a strict selection process to choose high quality materials that will give the best healed results. All of the pigments are proudly certified vegan friendly and are never tested on animals.


Eyebrow Ink(s):

We carry different brands in our studio. Depending on the technique (Microblading, Powderbrows, Combination Brows, Machine hair-strokes, Nano Brows, etc.) one of the following is selected:


PhiBrows pigment is made in Germany with the highest quality control standards. It has been developed over many years and used by thousands of artists worldwide. It is the cleanest pigment one can find. It is safe for use with MRI's as it contains 0% of heavy metals. The pigment is bio-inert and although it fades over time there is no discolouration. This pigment is considered bio-inert containing ingredients that are calming to the skin -- this is important for quicker skin recovery and therefore leads to better results.


Permablend: is a leader in the premium permanent cosmetic market. Permablend comes from a history of over 50 years in tattoo ink manufacturing. It is a product that is made to perform and heal true to colour.

Lip Ink(s):

For our lip tattoos, we have a variety which includes Marapro, Everafter and Permablend. Whether you are looking for a more natural lip colour or wanting to be more dramatic, you will find the perfect colour within these beautifully balanced, high intensity lip colours.

Microblades and Needles:

Microblades are exclusively from Phibrows. Needles are from a variety of premium brands which are selected based on procedure and skin-type. Always sterile, single-use and properly disposed of in a sharps container.

PhiBrows Ink.png
Maropro Ink.png
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